50% Off Starters @ Red Seven Wed – Fri.

Chill-lax after a long day at the artistic bar!  Or watch some sports. Up to you!

After a long day or week, it’s time to relax and enjoy a nice drink with some wonderful appetizers from 4-6pm! After closing up shop at Coldwell Banker Shook just up the street,  Meg & I take a nice walk downtown Lafayette to one of our favorite Friday evening afterwork spots.



Enjoying our 50% off Chicken Pot Stickers, Coconut Shrimp and Beef Lettuce Cups

We enjoy going to Red Seven Bar & Grill to grab starters at 50% at 4-6PM on Friday.  Order a couple and you have a light dinner. Nice location, nice service and nice food.     Enjoy! Eric


The First Annual Beer Across the Wabash

An amazing collection of beers from micro-brewers in Indiana. Small mug.. large beers. Cheers all!

This past Saturday was the first annual Beers Across the Wabash in Lafayette, IN. This caught my eye some time back… first because it had the word Beer in the title, and then again when I visited their website:


Buy the ticket, get a receipt and enter all digital here in good ole Lafayette / West Lafayette Indiana!

Being married to a tech-eccentric I have come to judge events by the quality of their websites. Interactive menus? Check. Artsy graphic? Check. Easy to purchase tickets? Check. And BONUS- my first digital ticket to anything. That’s right, I paid for my ticket, got a text on my iPhone and then presented my digital certification on my phone when we arrived.

Now to the important part: the beer. Only Indiana breweries were in attendance but seeing how we specialize in carbs (yes, that is a reference to our corn) it doesn’t surprise me that hoosiers could take corn’s second cousins Wheat and Barley and make some fantastic brew. The following four beers were BY FAR my favorite. As a disclaimer, I am not a fan of hops. The following were beautifully light in hops, but never short on flavor, and include an ever-rare and underrated ESB.


Want to walk to Beers Across the Wabash next year? Live here.