Lafayette’s new Red Lobster! Beautiful decor and a BAR!

New Red Lobster at the corner of SR 26 and Creasy Lane, Lafayette Indiana. Don’t believe the old google maps.

Eric and I held a successful open house today at 907 Union in beautiful downtown Lafayette. After the open house, a Sunday ritual happened. After promising I’d make a meal at home, I decided I had absolutely done enough today! We really try to support local restaurants whenever possible, but on Sunday, the vast majority of our favorite local spots are closed. (as well they should be!)

Meg, Team Howlett residential real estate sales expert, enjoys the excellent service.

Which brings me to the point of this post! New Red Lobster in the hood! I’m already in love, because instead of waiting for my table on a bench seat watching Lobster’s whose end’s are near and trying to avoid eye contact with people whose children are misbehaving, I’m drinking Sam Adams on tap in the brand new Bar Harbor BAR. Our bartenders Brandon and Jimmy were FAB. You can have a full meal at the bar if you don’t feel like waiting.  In case you went to the Red Lobster website, it is actually in a new location.  It’s on the corner on the intersection of Creasy and 26.

I’ll let you know after dinner how the food and service was!

Great waiting while your table is readied!

All done! It was super fab. I always say I’m going to try something new and then I always get the ultimate feast. The crab and lobster were done to perfection. Adrienne was our sever. She’s getting a degree at Purdue in Animal Sciences and she was a wonderful server with a great personality.

Team Howlett gives the new building 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! Meg.


Roundabouts – How to Use West Lafayette IN Circular Intersections

Yellow Sign with Circle = Roundabout. Lines pointing indicate exits. 3 lines = 3 entrances and exits. Speed 15 mph = SLOW DOWN.

Hey, what’s up with these new circular intersection traffic patterns that have started to pop up around town.   They’re called “Roundabouts”.  They are not a new concept. Having grown up in New England, I learned to drive at an early age on what they called a “Rotary”.  Same thing.

Why a Roundabout? Safety and flow. Generally, a roundabout is safer than a traditional intersection with stop signs and even some stop lights.  The City of West Lafayette has a webpage (click here) giving some of the statistics and additional info.

But, they are only safer if you know how to drive in them.  I’ve pulled up to a roundabout recently and saw three cars stopped at their entrance not knowing who was supposed to go first.  So, whether you’re a long time resident or relocating to west lafayette here’s a quick guide on driving in a roundabout.

Slow Down. First, how do you know that you are approaching a Roundabout?  You should see a yellow sign off to the right with a circle and some lines extending out from the circle.  Circle = roundabout. Most times, they have an arrow reminding you of the direction of flow = counterclockwise.  There are lines sticking out from the circle showing you how many and general location of the entrances and exits to the roundabout.  Finally, at the bottom of the sign, there is a yellow caution speed of 15 – 20 mph.  So, step one, SLOW DOWN.

Yield When Entering a Roundabout. Goal is to merge successfully at the posted speed. Look to your left, then merge on the roundabout.

YIELD when entering.  As you approach the roundabout, most times you will see a yield sign to remind you how to enter the intersection.  It’s just like a Yield.  The cars inside the roundabout have the right away.  So, the goal is to merge successfully without having to stop just like at any other Yield.



Following the flow counterclockwise around the roundabout. You have right away inside and people entering should yield to you. Just beware of people who don’t know the rules or have rusty / dented vehicles! Signal just prior to leaving.

One Way Traffic Flow. As you enter the roundabout, there should be a sign directly ahead of you reminding you of the traffic flow.  It is one way going counterclockwise.  Just follow the arrow.  Once you are in the roundabout, you now have the right away over entering vehicles.  (But always beware of heavy trucks not slowing down, rusty vehicles and people not in the know.)  All things going correctly, you should never have to stop inside the roundabout.  When you are ready to leave on your correct street / exit, blinker away and exit.

Pedestrian crossing rules apply. Watch out for peds!

Special Notes. Watch out for pedestrians.  All rules still apply to cross walks. If an emergency vehicle approaches the roundabout intersection while you are in the roundabout, don’t stop.  Continue to your exit and then pull over just like you would in any intersection.



Yeager and 231 has a new 2 lane roundabout. Watch the signs and street markings to pick the right lane to enter. You should not have to change lanes to exit.

Now for Roundabout 202.  Two lane roundabouts.  The main difference is that you need to pay attention to signs and markings on the street prior to the roundabout to determine which lane you should be in prior to entering the intersection.  The new roundabout intersection at Yeager Rd and SR 231 is such an animal.  For example, as you head north on 231 and come up to the roundabout, you need to be in the left lane to continue around and then exit on 231 going north.  Again going north on 231 at Yeager, you need to be in the right lane (or left lane) to exit to Yeager.  The right lane must exit right at this intersection.  Anyway, just slow down, read the signs and merge.  Generally, you should not have to change lanes to exit.

Congratulations!  You’ve graduated Roundabouts 101.  Please see the West Lafayette link above for more detailed info.  Slow down, merge confidently and exit when you need to.  You’re done!  Pass it along. Cheers! Eric.



2012 Memorial Realtor Golf Outing Benefits Homeward Bound

The Lafayette Regional Association of Realtors (LRAOR) sponsored an annual golf outing to benefit Homeward Bound.  Homeward Bound is dedicated to Providing Housing and Fight Homelessness and is a natural organization for realtors to support. Each year the LRAOR raises thousands of dollars for this worthy cause.  2012 was no exception.  The annual golf outing is a fun way to support the cause.  On Wednesday September 5th, the event was held at the Lafayette Country Club.

Team Howlett (Meg, James & Eric in blue) with Tom Wells of Advantage Title, which was a strong sponsor of the event. Thanks Tom!

The Club did a great job helping to arrange the golf scramble along with a wonderful luncheon.  Team Howlett (Meg, Eric, James and honorary member Lindsey) of Coldwell Banker Shook were out in full support of the event!  Taking the opportunity to actually play some golf, we had a great time meeting up with many people. Thanks for the shirts Lindsey!

Besides the golf event, there were many raffles and an auction for gift baskets.  Thanks to so many people for helping to arrange.  Several auctioned gift baskets raised over $200- 400 apiece for the cause.  The food was great.

Meg and Eric Howlett of Team Howlett with Rob Roseboom of Lafayette Saving Bank. Thanks Rob and Lafayette Savings Bank for your great support!

Back to golf, Lafayette Country Club has a wonderful 9 hole course which was both challenging and fun.  Despite the slight interruptions from a storm passing thru, the course was well prepared. Coldwell Banker Shook sponsored a putting contest and several other companies sponsored holes to support the benefit for Homeward Bound.

Meg, Faith, Lindsey, Ginny, James and Josh at the Advantage Title tent. Great snacks and refreshments!

One of our favorite sponsor sites was the Advantage Title tent after hole 4.  Hot dip and chips, a putting contest for scratch tickets and some cool refreshing beverages.  Turn off your phones and enjoy the day after this tent.

All in all, the day was a lot of fun, but more important, we helped raised money fighting homelessness.

Purdue Football – Enjoy the Excitement of Game Day!

Purdue Football Opening Ceremonies. Purdue vs Eastern Kentucky. Ross Stadium West Lafayette Indiana.

The pre-game ceremonies bring the energy of Purdue to the crowd!

Purdue University is a fantastic school for many different reasons.  Come the fall, Lafayette / West Lafayette area residents and Purdue alumni alike get to enjoy the excitement of game day with a Big Ten football team. Opening day on Saturday was no disappointment. With hurricane Isaac threatening, the Boilermakers rocked the stadium by beating Eastern Kentucky 48-6.  Next week at Notre Dame may not be so easy.  Meg & I were very thankful for our good friends at Lafayette Bank & Trust for inviting us.

Tony Albrecht, Meg Howlett, & Todd Edgell

Thanks Lafayette Bank & Trust for Inviting Team Howlett Real Estate to the Game!
Tony (Lafayette Bank & Trust), Meg (Team Howlett), and Todd (Lafayette Bank & Trust)

We strongly recommend local lenders for our real estate clients since they can provide both competitive rates plus local service!  Back to football, check your schedule and go to Purdue Football site to see the schedule and ticket availability.  Beware of the changed traffic patterns during game day.  And, I still have not figured out all the rules on where you can park or not.  Seems like good places for some tailgating.. but I have no idea if my car is going to get towed.  So, come out and enjoy the pre-game fun, the Purdue band, the team and just good times with friends here in Lafayette / West Lafayette Indiana.

Lots of people come early and throw a BBQ party before the game. Not sure exactly the whole rules yet for where to park etc.. But, I’m learning. If anyone wants to drop a comment and give me the gouge, please do..!