Lafayette’s new Red Lobster! Beautiful decor and a BAR!

New Red Lobster at the corner of SR 26 and Creasy Lane, Lafayette Indiana. Don’t believe the old google maps.

Eric and I held a successful open house today at 907 Union in beautiful downtown Lafayette. After the open house, a Sunday ritual happened. After promising I’d make a meal at home, I decided I had absolutely done enough today! We really try to support local restaurants whenever possible, but on Sunday, the vast majority of our favorite local spots are closed. (as well they should be!)

Meg, Team Howlett residential real estate sales expert, enjoys the excellent service.

Which brings me to the point of this post! New Red Lobster in the hood! I’m already in love, because instead of waiting for my table on a bench seat watching Lobster’s whose end’s are near and trying to avoid eye contact with people whose children are misbehaving, I’m drinking Sam Adams on tap in the brand new Bar Harbor BAR. Our bartenders Brandon and Jimmy were FAB. You can have a full meal at the bar if you don’t feel like waiting.  In case you went to the Red Lobster website, it is actually in a new location.  It’s on the corner on the intersection of Creasy and 26.

I’ll let you know after dinner how the food and service was!

Great waiting while your table is readied!

All done! It was super fab. I always say I’m going to try something new and then I always get the ultimate feast. The crab and lobster were done to perfection. Adrienne was our sever. She’s getting a degree at Purdue in Animal Sciences and she was a wonderful server with a great personality.

Team Howlett gives the new building 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! Meg.


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