Purdue Football – Enjoy the Excitement of Game Day!

Purdue Football Opening Ceremonies. Purdue vs Eastern Kentucky. Ross Stadium West Lafayette Indiana.

The pre-game ceremonies bring the energy of Purdue to the crowd!

Purdue University is a fantastic school for many different reasons.  Come the fall, Lafayette / West Lafayette area residents and Purdue alumni alike get to enjoy the excitement of game day with a Big Ten football team. Opening day on Saturday was no disappointment. With hurricane Isaac threatening, the Boilermakers rocked the stadium by beating Eastern Kentucky 48-6.  Next week at Notre Dame may not be so easy.  Meg & I were very thankful for our good friends at Lafayette Bank & Trust for inviting us.

Tony Albrecht, Meg Howlett, & Todd Edgell

Thanks Lafayette Bank & Trust for Inviting Team Howlett Real Estate to the Game!
Tony (Lafayette Bank & Trust), Meg (Team Howlett), and Todd (Lafayette Bank & Trust)

We strongly recommend local lenders for our real estate clients since they can provide both competitive rates plus local service!  Back to football, check your schedule and go to Purdue Football site to see the schedule and ticket availability.  Beware of the changed traffic patterns during game day.  And, I still have not figured out all the rules on where you can park or not.  Seems like good places for some tailgating.. but I have no idea if my car is going to get towed.  So, come out and enjoy the pre-game fun, the Purdue band, the team and just good times with friends here in Lafayette / West Lafayette Indiana.

Lots of people come early and throw a BBQ party before the game. Not sure exactly the whole rules yet for where to park etc.. But, I’m learning. If anyone wants to drop a comment and give me the gouge, please do..!

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