Happy Hollow Park West Lafayette Indiana

Happy Hollow Park in West Lafayette Indiana is a great example of why living or relocating to West Lafayette Indiana is a joy.  With tons of parking, open space, picnic locations, play areas, walking and running paths, this lovely open space is a hidden jewel in the middle of West Lafayette.

Plenty of parking, play areas, volleyball nets, and picnic locations at Happy Hollow Park, West Lafayette.

Connecting the downtown riverfront area, New Chauncey neighborhood, and Wabash Shores (Indian Trails neighborhood), this revitalized park supports so many people.  Meg and I love seeing people of all ages utilizing the green space. In order to use the picnic areas, you’ll need to reserve it.. see here for info.

You’ll need to reserve one of the 4 picnic locations with the City of West Lafayette.

Happy Hollow is part of the West Lafayette Trails Network.  Don’t you love living in a town that thinks about these things!  We sure do! Meg & I have been coming here for almost 30 years on our own, with our family and pets for almost 30 years. Some of that time we were visiting from both coasts and Europe. We are thrilled to be home at last. The lovely weather (and a shockingly rare free moment) provided us with a chance to take our dog Pippen for a walk. We wanted to see how the new paved trail system was going.

The City of West Lafayette recently completed a new set of paved trails on the southeast section of the park.

Well, this beautiful autumn day provided an excellent backdrop for some beautiful photos.  Enjoy!

Not sure who was walking whom.. Pippen or Meg ?!? No matter, Pippen stayed on his leash and it was a beautiful fall day!  The new paved paths are tastefully done! We loved the new connection to Kingston Drive.

So many things for a family to do here.

The new section of paved trails from River Road and Kingston Drive create a heavenly running location! Get your running shoes on and go for it!

What are we looking at here? Its the winter Tube / Sled Run. Go as high as you want and enjoy the ride! It’s a blast and we’ve been taking our children here for almost 30 years. Now its our granddaughter and I that make this trek! Look its a hill in Indiana. Enjoy it!

There is a bubbly stream running thru the park. The upper paths meander along this stream in a ravine. Topographical variation in Indiana is something to treasure!

Well thanks for joining us in this wonderful jewel in the midst of West Lafayette!

2 thoughts on “Happy Hollow Park West Lafayette Indiana

  1. I am so desperate to get back!!! Get on a Purdue fleece and do some biking!!! Literally im that cheesy person who agrees with you that our town is one of the best places on earth.

  2. Hills and topographical variation may be a surprise North of 70 but there are plenty of hills in the southern half of the state! Can’t wait to check out the park.

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