Home Sellers Life Made Easier in West Lafayette / Lafayette IN

Eric and I are so beyond excited about the services we are now able to provide for our sellers. Uber-pumped! Free staging! Moving made easier! We can make this process so much easier for our sellers. We know how hard moving is…. wait a second…

Staged Living Room West Lafayette Home

Here is a nice example of a staged living room provided Free by Team Howlett.

Let me back up….. did I mention that Eric and I have been married for 30 years (this coming April 22, 2014) and have moved 14 times in those 30 years?! Can you say “Nightmare”?! Can you say “Um… Eric please remember that moving is not a vacation.”  Eric needed to go NROTC to pay for the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a Systems Science in Engineering undergraduate degree. His father is a carpenter. (By the way…..THANK GOODNESS his dad was a carpenter! What valuable skills he passed onto Eric!) Then Eric signed up for more time with the Navy so that he could get a masters degree from M.I.T. (You might have heard of that school…tech school…..It’s in the hamlet of Cambridge MA) I’m digressing….

Here’s our new fabulous plan for our sellers. If you are moving within Tippecanoe County, whether it’s West Lafayette or Lafayette, then we recommend that you get a home equity

Bedroom Staged in Another University Farm Home

Here is an example of a staged Master Bedroom. We like to stage the Dining Room, Living Room or Family Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom and all bathrooms.

loan or a bridge loan and do not even CONSIDER moving until you have found the best home for you. If you find a house that really works for you, we recommend you buy it quickly. The best houses that are clean and priced right don’t stay on the market for more than a few days in our market, so put some cement around your knees and be ready to act fast! If you are a seller that is relocating out of state, it’s still best it you move. Keep your family together. We’ll take care of everything.

Team Howlett residential real estate really loves to work it’s magic. You, the seller, have everything out of the house. We will organize all the upgrades and repairs that need to be done. Um…. sorry…. that’s the “royal” we. Eric actually does most of this. If there is wallpaper that needs to be removed, if there is flooring that needs to be replaced, we will help you with this. Please understand that we are acutely aware of saving our sellers money and trying to get the best bang for the buck, so we only recommend repairs that we feel are absolutely necessary. We are in touch with amazing contractors that also share our view. Jeff Martin with Property Solutions comes to mind! Then we bring in brand new furniture, lovely decorative items and make your house look like something out a magazine! This is where I shine! I have seemed to channel my inner Adriana (my daughter)

Staged Kitchen in West Lafayette Home for Sale

Staging in the kitchen provides a pleasing livable look while being clean clear and organized. Again, all free by Team Howlett.

and I make the houses look great!  We usually stage the kitchen, any and all bathrooms, dining room, if there is one, the living room and the master bedroom. Let’s be clear that I absolutely hate shopping for clothes, but I love shopping for lovely items for my sellers.

So, we strongly advise sellers to move on with their lives. Take the kids, the toys, the dogs, cats, the parrot, certainly anything amphibian in nature, the precious moments collections, the velvet art collection, the creepy dolls with eyes that stare at you and threaten death the minute you drift off to sleep and start living in your new home. That way you never have to clean for a showing, leave for a showing, and the house is showing ready at all times. Real estate brokers love showing houses that are unoccupied, because it makes everything so much easier.

What we are now offering is a completely free staging program for all our sellers. Please call me to further explain our marketing plan. Please also feel free to visit www.TeamHowlett.com to learn more about me and my hubby Eric!

Talk to you soon,



Fall Colors in West Lafayette / Lafayette Indiana

This photo doesn’t have anything to do with staging, but I thought we could use some of the beautiful colors as the days get shorter. Taken in University Farm, West Lafayette by Eric Howlett.


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