Indiana water quality officially bumming you out?

So you moved to Indiana and after a month or two your glasses are covered with white

There is a way to keep your dishwasher sparkling without chemicals.

film. Your dishes feel chalky. You’re wondering if everyone has this problem or if you just have bad pipes. Oh…’s not your plumbing. Did you know that the Empire State Building was built with Indiana Limestone? Well, us Hoosiers are proud of that, but all that limestone in our soil leaves that horrid film on our dishes.

Team Howlett to the rescue! We have the solution and it is cheap.

Vinegar. It’s natural. It’s inexpensive. Use it!

And the winner is…..VINEGAR!

Yup, vinegar. We buy it by the gallon. Pour a tablespoon or two into your dishwasher every time you run it. It will not only keep your glasses shiny, it will actually remove any buildup that has occurred.  Cheers! Meg & Eric.

Glasses and dishes with no film. We can’t believe it. Try it!

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