Home Staging to Sell in Lafayette IN.

Staging Homes to Sell

Team Howlett home staged the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and baths.

Key Advantage Home Staging by Team Howlett is a cost effective homes staging solution that gets results (higher sold price, faster sale, easier transition, and lower cost).  4564 Spinnaker Trace Lafayette IN is an excellent example.  After FSBO and listed by another agency for 3 months, Team Howlett listed the property and staged the home to sell.  Accepted offer in 14 days.  The actual home staging was done in 2 days.  See a video of the staging in process for a good before and after.  Home Staging Lafayette IN Video.

For more success stories see Key Advantage Portfolio Success Stories.

Thanks so much. Sincerely, Meg & Eric. 765-414-6531 or 765-414-1795.

Eric and Meg Howlett of Team Howlett, Realtors of Lafayette IN bring to you Key Advantage Home Staging.

Hadley Moors Real Estate West Lafayette IN – Good News!

Hadley Moors sub-division in West Lafayette IN is benefiting from an extremely low inventory level in the real estate market.  29 houses sold in Hadley Moors over the last 12 months.  Average days on market is 29 days.  As of 2/8/2017, there are no active houses on the market.  In a balanced market, there would be at least 8 or 9 houses on the market.  Less than that, it is a sellers market.  And it is!  Team Howlett has been involved in 5 of the 29 transaction in the last 12 months in Hadley Moors.  We know how to properly price properties and prepare our clients / houses in this market (both buyers and sellers).

Living Room before our help.

Hadley Moors living room after our help!

It is always best to understand what you are getting.  What minor repairs are needed?  What walls needed to be painted?  Are the structural issues sound.  Meg Howlett, Eric Howlett, and Kelli Stump (Accredited Staging Professional extraordinaire and support specialist) will help you every step of the way.

Please see our 5 Star Reviews on Angies List, Zillow, and Google My Business.  Quality Service is what we do.

Cheers, Eric

Team Howlett: Certified Angies List Provider

Team Howlett: 5 Star Premier Real Estate Agent

Team Howlett: Google My Business 5 Star

Real Estate in Huntington Farms West Lafayette. Spring into Action.

Real estate sales in Hungtington Farms had a good year in 2016.  With low inventory and strong demand, resale houses for sale did well.  15 houses sold in 2016 in Huntington Farms West Lafayette IN ranging from $180,000 to $325,000.  The average days on market was 29 days and average sold price to list was 97.5% (from the last list price).  Team Howlett (Meg Howlett, Eric Howlett and Kelli Stump) helped our clients sell 2 of these houses.  We worked with both sellers for months in advance to help develop their pre-market preparation plans including complimentary home staging.

3546 Chateaugay Ct. Sold. Jun 2016. $325,000. *Staged by Team Howlett

3541 Secretariat. Sold Feb 2016. $280,000. *Staged by Team Howlett.

Spring is coming.  Now is the time to make your home buying or selling plans for 2017 by contacting Team Howlett.  Inventory levels of real estate in West Lafayette are low.  Proper preparation is the key to success.

Here are some links to independent sites which gave us 5 Star ratings.  We value quality above quantity and give you our total attention.

Cheers, Meg & Eric


Winterize Your House. Hose Bibs and Crawl Space Vents.

Most of the leaves have fallen.  The sky is dreary. Some houses have Christmas

Hose still attached?

decorations; yet pumpkins still exist.  And, yes, the city has put salt brine on the roads for tomorrow’s snow.  Winter is coming!  No, the dead are not attacking from north of the wall, but have you prepared your house for the cold weather.  Here are two common problems I have found looking at so many houses with buyers and sellers. 1) Not removing your garden hoses from the outside spigots and

Vents still open?

2) Not closing the vents/access to the crawlspace.




Remove Your Garden Hoses or Risk Broken Pipes!

You may or may not have used the garden hose the whole year and forgotten it hidden

Remove hoses from Spigots

behind the bushes.  But, it is about to become a means to burst your pipes in the cold weather.  A garden hose filled with frozen water becomes a heat sink to freeze the water inside the faucet pipes and cause them to burst!   Ahh, but I have anti-freeze spigots and this does not affect me.  Wrong!  Anti-freeze spigots do not work if the hose is still attached.  An anti-freeze spigot is designed to have the shutoff valve inside the house (or basement / crawlspace) to prevent water from being exposed to freezing temperatures.  But if the hose is still attached then frozen water will extend from the hose into the spigot.  The frozen water then has a chance to burst the pipes inside.  Remove your garden hoses and allow the anti-freeze spigot to work.

Anti-freeze hose bibs have the valve inside to prevent frozen water from bursting pipes.

If you leave hoses attached, the water inside the spigot can freeze and burst pipes.

Shut the Crawlspace Vents and Make Sure the Access is Shut!

Close the crawlspace vents.

If you have a crawlspace, then you have openings to keep the space ventilated in the summer to prevent stagnant air during the warm months.  Now, during the winter months, these vents and openings should be shut to prevent freezing temperatures in the crawlspace.  Similar to the hose bib issue, we do not want any pipes to freeze and we want you to spend less on winter heating bills.


Consider adding optional vent covers.


Make Sure the Crawlspace Access is Shut






Cheers, Eric.

Team Howlett Residential Real Estate, TeamHowlett.com

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Arbor Chase Real Estate News

In the last 12 months, 35 houses have sold in the Arbor Chase market area.

As of Jan 15 2014, 35 homes sold in the Arbor Chase market area over the last 12 months based upon statistics from the Lafayette Board of Realtors. Over 50% of the houses sold were new construction. Sold prices ranged from $197,500 to $476,500.  Average sold price was $309,206.

Arbor Chase has been one of the most sought after sub-divisions in the Greater Lafayette

Arbor Chase Sub-division. Excellent real estate location, schools and homes in West Lafayette IN

area.  Close to everything in West Lafayette and featuring excellent schools, walking trails, and parks.  The new street lights are a nice addition as well.

7 Active Houses for Sale. There are 3 new construction houses and 4 resale houses for sale in Arbor Chase.  Since on average  2.9 houses sell per month, this equates to approximately 2.4 months of inventory.  Now, this includes new construction inventory, which will start to wind down.  But, even just taking into account resale houses, there is only 3 months of inventory.  Anything less than 4 months of inventory means the market is not saturated.  Good news!

Team Howlett, Meg & Eric, are your local real estate experts. Plus, we actually live in Arbor Chase.

Average Days on Market was 55 Days.  With over 50% of the houses sold being new construction, this number may not be accurate.  The  average market time for all of Tippecanoe County is 71 days. Having the house properly prepared and staged always helps reduce the time on market.

Only 1 empty lot left in Arbor Chase.  After years of development, new construction is winding down.  Out of the approximate 342 lots, the last lot is getting ready for construction.  There are a couple of houses under

A beautiful sunset just before a major snow storm.

construction on Farnsworth Dr.  Soon, work vehicles and disruptions will be a thing of the past.

Call Meg or Eric for a Free market analysis of your house.  We’d love to help.  Team Howlett was the #1 Team at Coldwell Banker Shook in 2013 for # of transactions. We helped clients buy or sell 95 houses in 2013.

Meg, Associate Broker, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Shook, 765-414-6531

Eric, Associate Broker, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Shook, 765-414-1795



Team Howlett: Helping You Buy or Sell Real Estate.  We Care.

Providing Our Sellers with Free Staging, Innovative Marketing, and Detailed Support

We don’t just list your house.. we actively help you sell it!  Starting with pre-market preparation including FREE staging, we are with you through the entire real estate process.  We have the most innovative marketing in the county with a house specific webpage, superior photos, HD video, google ads, open house campaigns, social media, print ads, etc. And finally, we monitor every step until closing.

Providing Our Buyers with Passionate Customer Care and Detailed Market Knowledge

We are here to help you find your new house..as long as it takes!  As your buyer agent, Meg loves working with clients to find their new home.  After getting to know you and your needs, Meg will look daily for any real estate that may fit your criteria.  We’ll show you as many houses as you would like and give you our honest opinion.    Then, we’ll help you all the way until you get the keys.

Examples of staging provided Free by Team Howlett:

Furniture and Decorative item provided free for our sellers by Team Howlett. We don’t just list houses, we actively help sell them.

Dining Room set staged with furniture and decorative items for free by Team Howlett.

Team Howlett: Meg Howlett, 765-414-6531, mhowlett@shook.comEric Howlett, 765-414-1795, ehowlett@shook.com, Broker Associates, Realtors, Coldwell Banker Shook