Home Staging to Sell in Lafayette IN.

Staging Homes to Sell

Team Howlett home staged the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and baths.

Key Advantage Home Staging by Team Howlett is a cost effective homes staging solution that gets results (higher sold price, faster sale, easier transition, and lower cost).  4564 Spinnaker Trace Lafayette IN is an excellent example.  After FSBO and listed by another agency for 3 months, Team Howlett listed the property and staged the home to sell.  Accepted offer in 14 days.  The actual home staging was done in 2 days.  See a video of the staging in process for a good before and after.  Home Staging Lafayette IN Video.

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Eric and Meg Howlett of Team Howlett, Realtors of Lafayette IN bring to you Key Advantage Home Staging.

Current market conditions fall 2017

Current market condition in Tippecanoe County are extremely odd at the moment. I used to be able to say that the market is good or the market is bad. This market is very segmented. Below 100,000 is still extremely hot and location is not really a factor, believe it or not. I have never sold so many houses in north Lafayette and all of them were owner occupied which will be a real boon to that part of town. Under 150,000 in a good area is still extremely hot. That’s great for seller’s and really hard on buyers. I’d say that between 150,000 and 250,000 is a stable market. From there on, the higher you go, the worse it gets. There are way too many houses on the market in the upper end and hardly any buyers. No matter what price point you are at, proper pre-market preparation is absolutely critical. The house pictured below is a fantastic example. We discovered that there were hardwood floors under the carpet, so we recommended that the sellers rip up all the older carpet. Then we recommended removing the dark paneling in the family room, painting all interior walls and trim and changing out a few light fixtures. Once all the work was done, we staged the home to look like a model home and we sold it in six days! Call Team Howlett if you have any real estate needs! 765-414-6531.

Hadley Moors Real Estate West Lafayette IN – Good News!

Hadley Moors sub-division in West Lafayette IN is benefiting from an extremely low inventory level in the real estate market.  29 houses sold in Hadley Moors over the last 12 months.  Average days on market is 29 days.  As of 2/8/2017, there are no active houses on the market.  In a balanced market, there would be at least 8 or 9 houses on the market.  Less than that, it is a sellers market.  And it is!  Team Howlett has been involved in 5 of the 29 transaction in the last 12 months in Hadley Moors.  We know how to properly price properties and prepare our clients / houses in this market (both buyers and sellers).

Living Room before our help.

Hadley Moors living room after our help!

It is always best to understand what you are getting.  What minor repairs are needed?  What walls needed to be painted?  Are the structural issues sound.  Meg Howlett, Eric Howlett, and Kelli Stump (Accredited Staging Professional extraordinaire and support specialist) will help you every step of the way.

Please see our 5 Star Reviews on Angies List, Zillow, and Google My Business.  Quality Service is what we do.

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Real Estate in Huntington Farms West Lafayette. Spring into Action.

Real estate sales in Hungtington Farms had a good year in 2016.  With low inventory and strong demand, resale houses for sale did well.  15 houses sold in 2016 in Huntington Farms West Lafayette IN ranging from $180,000 to $325,000.  The average days on market was 29 days and average sold price to list was 97.5% (from the last list price).  Team Howlett (Meg Howlett, Eric Howlett and Kelli Stump) helped our clients sell 2 of these houses.  We worked with both sellers for months in advance to help develop their pre-market preparation plans including complimentary home staging.

3546 Chateaugay Ct. Sold. Jun 2016. $325,000. *Staged by Team Howlett

3541 Secretariat. Sold Feb 2016. $280,000. *Staged by Team Howlett.

Spring is coming.  Now is the time to make your home buying or selling plans for 2017 by contacting Team Howlett.  Inventory levels of real estate in West Lafayette are low.  Proper preparation is the key to success.

Here are some links to independent sites which gave us 5 Star ratings.  We value quality above quantity and give you our total attention.

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How to Purchase a House When You Already Own One.

The owner of the this house was able to follow Team Howlett’s most recommended way to purchase a house when you already own one. If at all possible, we recommend that you take a home equity loan out on your current house. Make sure that you use a lender that will “re-cast” your new mortgage. This means that you can use the proceeds from the sale of your last home to reduce the monthly payments on your new home without extending the term of the loan. Not every lender does this, so be sure to ask us for a lender recommendation! No need to double your closing costs! Then we will help you find the house of your dreams. This might take a while, since the inventory is so low. That’s why it makes so much sense NOT to sell your house until you know where you are going. Then you close on your new home and totally move out of your old house.

Master Bedroom Before

Team Howlett will advise you on what you need to do to get your house ready for the market. Pre-market preparation is crucial! Do you need to paint? Do you need new carpets in a few rooms? Do you have peeling paint outside? Should you replace the countertops in the kitchen? About half the time we are telling home owners to take certain actions and the other half of the time we are telling people NOT to take certain actions. We are in houses every day. We know what the buyers are looking for. There is no need to make improvements that won’t result in a higher sales price.

Master Bedroom After

We also recommend once everything is out of the house that you hire professional house cleaners. We have several that we can recommend. Moving is such an exhausting experience. It’s best to leave that final clean to the professionals. Team Howlett will then come in and stage your house for free! We are the only real estate team in Tippecanoe County that is doing complete staging. We furnish the living room, dining room, breakfast nook, family room, office (if there is one), master bedroom, all bathrooms and the kitchen. We will make your house look like a model home! Best of all, your house can be shown at a moments notice. It will be a vacant home, but it sure won’t look like one. You’ll never have to clean for a showing or leave for a showing.

Family Room Before


Family Room After

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